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Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale; These Salvia divinorum plants are clones of the original ones that supply us with the leaf from Oaxaca. The Mazatec Indians in Mexico harvest the plants, which are then delivered directly to us.

Salvia Divinorum plants are simple to grow. Simply keep them damp. For the first few weeks after you obtain them, misting them a few times a day with water is a good idea because they prefer high humidity. You can start to gently acclimate them to your living space.

As a home plant, Salvia divinorum is simple to cultivate. They thrive at a window with sunlight. Just make sure the ground is kept moist. Less water used more frequently is preferable than more water used less frequently while producing Salvia divinorum.

Hollow, square stems with winged margins characterize Salvia divinorum. The Salvia plant may reach a height of eight feet despite having weak stems. The plant prefers lots of water and humidity, as well as filtered sunshine. It seldom produces seeds, and when it does, the seeds are frequently inedible.


Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

Plant in your own recipe or premium commercial potting soil. I combine one part of compost, one part of peat moss, one part of sandy loam, and one-half of a part of perlite. Avoid heavy soils with a lot of clay since salvia divinorum prefers a friable soil that is rich in humus and has adequate drainage. Repot the plant frequently for optimum development because it also prefers a lot of root area. Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale


Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

Salvia Divinorum Plant Sale

Even when Salvia Divinorum plants do blossom, they seldom yield viable seeds. I’ve had several flowers throughout the course of my ten years of cultivation, but I’ve never tried to pollinate them. Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

These Salvia Divinorum plants have been in my care for ten years, and they have always been robust and useful. They dislike direct full sunlight and would rather thrive in partially shadowed sunshine. It is preferable to grow all year round inside under LED shop lights.

Plants of Salvia Divinorum are not resistant to cold or scorching conditions. My humidity is often over 55%, and my temperature ranges from 60 to 85 degrees. If not, the leaves begin to curl until the new, more suited growth appears.


When your Live Salvia Divinorum plant arrives, you should carefully and quickly open the packaging. I use folded paper towels to hold the soil together and keep the plant inside the top pot, however USPS is erratic, and the plant may move while in route.

After shipment, your Salvia Divinorum Plant may probably feel a little disoriented, so a humidity dome and some light will help. I use the remnants of a broken-down plastic gallon of water to create a humidity dome. Make careful to make several tiny square or triangular holes in the humidity dome so that air may flow through.

No more than 3 to 4 days should be spent using a humidity dome.


Some clients, I’ve discovered, don’t supply enough illumination. This is not a typical houseplant that you can just place on your windowsill; additional illumination is required. The lights I suggest are the most affordable LED light bulbs available at stores like Home Depot and Walmart. It is not essential to acquire specialized LED light panels or plant grow lights.

I situate the light 2-2.5 feet away from the plant, use 5000K bulbs, and set a timer for 16 hours of on time and 8 hours of off time. Instead of attempting to manually cycle the lights, which will not work, you should go out and get an inexpensive timer.

Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

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Salvia divinorum, a kind of perennial mint that permit to grow, be in possession of, and be use across the United States, is the source of diviners sage. The Diviners Sage has large, dark-purple flowers and leaves that are 15–60 cm tall.

Dark green flowering stalks are attached to purple or magenta blooms with golden anthers. Although it will always be more tolerant of neglect than other Salvia divinorum plants, it is one of the simplest salvia species to cultivate both inside and outdoors.

It has strong, square stems, and the width of its blossoms is between 0.5 and 1 inch (7 and 20 mm). The lanceolate, 2 to 3 inch long leaves frequently take on purple undertones throughout the summer.

In addition to its many other names, the hallucinogenic plant known as Diviner’s sage is also referred to as seer’s sage, ska Maria Pastora, and Yerba de Maria. Salvia divinorum has been found to be a powerful serotonin 5HT2A, an alpha-adrenergic agonist, and a strong full-agonist kappa-opioid receptor agonist.

Several publications have characterized the extract’s taste as peppery herbaceous. Purchasing Salvia Divinorum plants has never been simpler. Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

Salvia divinorum grows best in a temperature range of 70 degrees. Make sure the salvia plants get enough shade, water, and regular misting during hot weather.

The development of Salvia plants slows down in the fall when the temperature and light levels drop. If the temperature drops much below 60 degrees, bring inside.

Live Salvia divinorum Plants

Salvia divinorum should be watered according to the maxim “Less water more frequently is better than more water less frequently.” The soil shouldn’t be completely wet at all times, but moderately damp. Each day or two, softly water the plants. In the summer, when my plants are outside, I fertilize them with fish emulsion around once a month.

Since Salvia divinorum prefers acidic soil in the winter, I use Stern’s Miracid. Reduce fertilization as part of your pest management approach since feeding your plants a lot of nitrogen will make them more attractive to pest insects.

Plant your Salvia divinorum plant in its new location on its side, with the roots submerged. This method of planting makes it less likely that the plant would dry out after transportation because it is resting on moist soil. Additionally, the plant will have more branches, becoming a bush instead of simply a single long stalk. Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale

Your Salvia Divinorum plant will be a live, rooted clone with a strong foundation. In the US, live delivery is guarantee by us.

It’s common knowledge that Salvia divinorum require high humidity levels to survive. In actuality, the plants prefer high humidity and will grow most effectively in this setting, but they may also thrive in low humidity environments if they gradually acclimatize over the period of many weeks.

By often spraying it or putting it in a tent with a humidifier, you may give it high humidity at first, but over the course of the next month, you should gradually lower the humidity. The plant will thrive and provide you far less trouble. Salvia divinorum Plants For Sale


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