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Lophophora decipiens

Lophophora decipiens compared to traditional peyote, this species is bigger all around. The cactus bodies themselves are bigger and develop more quickly. Additionally larger flowers with more substantial petals are the white, pink, or magenta flowers. They are easily grafted onto species with more vigorous growth, like Trichocerus, for faster growth.

The seeds germinate quickly and produce a lot of offsets, which then explode with spectacular seasonal flowers. One in a thousand will have pie-shaped leaves that are light green and bear white flowers with a thin pink stripe running down each petal. If sterile seeds are to be prevented, cross-pollination with another decipiens is essential.

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Overall, compared to typical peyote, this species is bigger in every way. Lophophora decipiens cactus body itself is bigger and develops more quickly. Additionally, the flowers in shades of white, pink, or magenta are bigger and have more substantial petals. For faster development, they are easily grafted onto species with more vigorous growth, such Trichocerus.

Simple to sow, seeds quickly sprout and produce a large number of offsets, which burst into spectacular seasonal blooms. One in a thousand plants will have piebalds of light green and white flowers with a thin pink stripe running down each petal. If sterile seeds are to be prevented, cross pollination with a different decipiens is required.

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INGREDIENTS: Peyote produces more than 50 alkaloids, making it another one of nature’s amazing chemical factories. The potent entheogen mescaline, which accounts for 0.3% of the fresh cactus and 1-2% of the dried, is the most intriguing of them.

DOSAGE: The portion of the cactus that is above ground grows “buttons” in the form of discs that may be cut off. Up to 12 buttons can be chopped into pieces and chewed fresh, dry, or in tea.

In order for new buttons to sprout, buttons should be cut off at ground level or slightly above. New roots will grow from the cut base of your cactus if you re-root it by placing it in a porous, sandy soil or vermiculite/perlite mixture and watering it often (but letting it dry out in between soaks).

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2 Lophophora decipiens (11 – 12 cm), 3 Lophophora decipiens (11 – 12 cm), 2 Lophophora decipiens (14 – 15 cm), 3 Lophophora decipiens (14 – 15 cm)


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