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It goes without saying in the psychedelic community users that buy Golden teacher mushroom, also known as Psilocybin Cubensis is one of the most popular mushroom strains. This strain is highly sought after by both shroomers and growers alike. This is due to its renowned strong effects. The first usage of golden teachers was reported in 1980 with the exact origins being unknown. The mushroom strain is however very distinct because of its golden caps with specks of yellow. This is where they draw their names. They also have larger stems and caps compared to other mushroom strains.

They also have a generally great appearance that makes them easy to spot among growers and shroomers. The use of this psychedelic drug is very common with stores even recommending dosages for both new and experienced users. It is recommended to take around 2.5 grams for new and continuing users. This amount however has been described to be too little for long term users, with them failing to get the trip they had intended.

Mental effects of Golden Teachers Mushrooms

This mushroom strain is highly recommended for beginners who have never tried Golden teacher mushrooms before. This is because it is considered safer and with a relatively weak trip when used in small amounts. One of the factors that have seen the use of golden mushrooms increase is the perception that it has spiritual or shamanic powers. Users often describe their experience as an “enlightenment” where they get to reconnect with themselves and the universe specially and intimately. People have also described the experience as becoming one with nature and stimulation of spiritual healing. This is mainly due to the hallucinogenic effects of the mushroom. It is also described to result in a reduced level of stress and induce relaxation. Some have even lauded the substance for helping them handle their past traumatic experiences.

The Golden teacher mushroom is induced into the body through chewing and swallowing. Many people recommend swallowing the mushrooms with a serving of natural honey to counter their taste. The effects of the substance have been seen to be mostly positive, with far and few extreme cases for people who overdose on the golden mushrooms. This positive feature has even seen many research institutes studying the effects of the mushroom strain on treatment-resistant depression. The results have been largely positive and some are even considering incorporating it into patients’ prescriptions. The research however is far from conclusive and they are still evaluating any unforeseen situation that may arise.

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One of the factors that have made this mushroom strain gain a lot of popularity and attract a numerous number of users is the ability to grow it on your own. By following a strictly laid down procedure and using the recommended tools, you can begin taking trips from your plants. There have also emerged numerous online stores that sell the substance. Some even offer free home deliveries, and this has seen usage spike sharply. The fact however that it has mostly positive effects seems to contribute to the narrative that this is just a gift of nature.

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