Crested San Pedro

Crested San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)! Unlike the common San Pedro cactus, which only has one growth point, this unusual variety has many growth points. The Crested San Pedro can develop into some really amazing shapes since each of these growth points can grow at their own rate.

Our company, Trippy Lab, is pleased to be able to provide this unique and cool variety of the San Pedro cactus, the Crested San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata). The San Pedro Crested is distinct because it has numerous “growth points” throughout, as opposed to the original San Pedro. Which develops from a single point into the traditional “organ pipe” shape.

The Echinopsis pachanoi cristata is an absolutely stunning cactus specimen and can develop into the coolest forms depending on the cutting. Because each of these growth points occasionally grows at different rates.

The Crested San Pedro cuttings we provide range in size from 10 to 11 cm, and you can pot them similarly to its phallic-shaped nephew. With the Crested San Pedro, which is only available here at the Trippy Lab shop.  Cactus cultivation is now much more fascinating and enjoyable as you watch the cuttings grow and then see in what shapes they will develop!

Crested San Pedro Cactus For Sale

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Crested San Pedro Cactus

The Crested San Pedro is fairly simple to grow and can even withstand a colder environment as long as temperatures don’t fall below 12°C, much like the regular Echinopsis pachanoi variety. Just be sure to select a potting mix that is rich and well-draining.

Start off by giving the San Pedro cactus plenty of water, but be sure to always let it dry out between waterings. The San Pedro cactus is less fussy overall and can accept a little more water than some other cacti types. Since cultivating the San Pedro isn’t all that distinctive or challenging, some gardeners equate it to producing other “regular plants.”

The San Pedro cactus enjoys some sunshine, just as we do, but not too much, especially during the hot summer months. In order to prevent the cactus from getting burned by the sun, it may be better to position it in some mild shade. It is suggested that you deprive the cactus of water and nutrients over the winter to induce it to go into hibernation.

The San Pedro cactus is sensitive to mold and fungus like other cacti, yet it performs better here than in some other places. To minimize the possibility of mold and fungal formation, you should monitor your watering schedule and soil moisture levels.

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By acquiring a grown cactus, you can experience mescaline right away. Growing your own food, however, is incredibly rewarding and enhances the experience in a unique way. You can grow cacti from seed or use a slice to clone an existing one.

You’ll need some well-draining potting soil covered with sand to start a cactus from seed. Your seeds should be placed in a propagator and kept moist. Your seeds will begin to sprout in a short period of time. When they first appear, put them in separate pots on a window sill that is well-lit. And only water them when the soil is absolutely dry.

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