Peyote, considered a living god, El Mescalito had a long history of use among the natives of northern Mexico and Southwestern USA – at least 5700 years, say archeologists.



Buying Peyote; Peyote EL MESCALITO (CONSIDERED A LIVING GOD) is a Nahuatl term that the Spanish used to designate the evil plant. The longest component of the cactus is its long subterranean taproot. Which seldom reaches higher than 3–4 cm above the soil surface. It is a little cactus with fuzzy tufts in place of spines.

Peyote grows naturally in scrubby desert and prefers limestone soil in southern Texas and Mexico. Peyote is currently categorized as an endangered species. This is because it has been overharvested in Texas and its habitat is being exploited more and more for ranching.

Peyote grows very slowly. However, the cultivated varieties grow more quickly, requiring less than three years to develop, blossom, and produce harvestable adult cacti (about 3 inches in diameter) from seed.

Peyote didn’t return to the public consciousness until the 1900s. This is when the Native American Church was founded and granted legal protection for peyote rites.

Dr. Humphrey Osmond supervised Aldous Huxley’s 1953 mescaline experiment, and he noted. “This is how one ought to perceive, how things actually are.” The next year, Huxley released his renowned work Doors of Perception, which detailed his mescaline-related adventures.


INGREDIENTS: Peyote produces more than 50 alkaloids, making it another one of nature’s amazing chemical factories. The potent entheogen mescaline, which accounts for 0.3% of the fresh cactus and 1-2% of the dried, is the most intriguing of them.

DOSAGE: The portion of the cactus that is above ground grows “buttons” in the form of discs that may be cut off. Up to 12 buttons can be chopped into pieces and chewed fresh, dry, or in tea.

In order for new buttons to sprout, buttons should be cut off at ground level or slightly above. New roots will grow from the cut base of your cactus if you re-root it by placing it in a porous, sandy soil or vermiculite/perlite mixture and watering it often (but letting it dry out in between soaks).

Buying Peyote at Trippy labs. You will find sizable peyote cactus and extracts. You may anticipate your order to arrive within 48 hrs of placing it because we ship Daily. However, the time frame for our regular shipment is 24 to 48 hrs. And 2 to 4 days for international shipping. You may buy one of the Mescaline products we have available and begin to experience a unique high almost immediately.


Not everyone has the ability to travel far into the Andes to look for hallucinogenic cactus. Additionally, overharvested vulnerable species like peyote should be given time to recover. Fortunately, you don’t have to embark on a life-changing journey to experience mescaline. Cacti will be delivered right to your home. Before placing a purchase, it is advisable to check your country’s laws on mescaline.

You should think about which cactus you like and the results you want before making a purchase. For outstanding cactus specimens from various kinds, check out the Trippy Lab store.

Since peyote is so bitter, the majority of users experience nausea before experiencing any psychoactive effects. Try to wait at least six hours before eating anything. This will help you keep the tea or buttons down longer and absorb more mescaline before you (inevitably) empty your stomach.

Once intoxicated, you will probably feel your body temperature and heart rate rise, creating sweating and flushed skin. Remain calm; this is normal.

All general advice regarding powerful psychedelics applies (good set & setting, importance of an experienced guide or sitter if it’s your first time, not mixing with other medicines or alcohol, etc). Finally, have faith in the validity of your experience and try to integrate what you learn into your life. Buying Peyote


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3 Lophophora williamsii (5-6 cm), 3 Lophophora williamsii (9-10 cm), 3 Lophophora williamsii (11-12 cm)


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