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Buy Salvia divinorum Leaves; There is no other psychedelic substance like salvia divinorum. The sage genus includes this potent, hallucinogenic herb, which is indigenous to Mexico’s wet cloud forests. In fact, “Salvia divinorum” loosely translates to “Diviner’s Sage,” emphasizing the drug’s spiritual properties and significance to Mexican aboriginal populations.

Only Salvia divinorum, one of the several Salvia species, has the salvinorin A active ingredient, which is what causes the psychological effects.

Salvia’s unique characteristics in comparison to other psychoactives like mushrooms and LSD are what make it so interesting. Salvinorin A is a pure chemical that produces strong, occasionally terrifying effects in the smallest measured dosages, in contrast to the many psychoactive substances that are categorized as alkaloids. Buy Salvia divinorum Leaves

Salvinorin A stands out from other psychedelics due to the way it interacts with opioid receptors. In a nutshell, Salvia is strong and need to be treated as such.

Salvia divinorum Leaves

S. divinorum originates in the isolated areas of South America’s Sierra Mazateca highlands. It is revered by the local Indians as a sacred herb that has been employed in shamanic rites.

The most well-known curandera or shaman of the Mazatec people, Maria Sabina, devoted her whole life to the use of Salvia divinorum and psilocybin mushrooms for healing. She once made the infamous statement that she turns to salvia when the mushrooms aren’t available.

Although she said that salvia lacks the same potency as mushrooms, this might be be because she made an infusion of the leaves. Although a salvia tea has psychedelic properties, they are not nearly as potent as those of the quid technique.

It is believed that Salvia has been used for millennia, the Western world did not “find” it until R. Gordon Wasson, a renowned ethnobotanist, investigated the plant’s psychedelic properties. The botanist most famous for bringing psilocybin-containing mushrooms to the West is R. Gordon Wasson.

However, it’s also possible that the discovery of salvia was a very recent event among the indigenous Mazatec people. The fact that the Mazatecs refer to the plant as “hojas de Mara Pastora,” which translates to “leaves of Mary the shepherdess,” rather than by its genuine indigenous name, suggests this. How long the aboriginal cultures have used salvia is still not fully understood. Buy Salvia divinorum Leaves

Salvia divinorum Dried Leaves For Sale

Since the plant is exclusively native to a tiny area of Mexico, many Indians may have overlooked it. And during the chaotic periods of the Spanish conquest, persons who lived in the region could have lost knowledge of it. It is still uncertain if the plant had no name before Wasson met it or whether prior generations were also unaware of the plant’s psychoactive properties.

Wasson then speculated that salvia may be what the Aztecs termed “Pipiltzintzintli,” which translates to “purest tiny prince.” This was mentioned in a work from the 17th century and would assist to explain the possible ancestry of the plant; nevertheless, many think that this dated reference refers to cannabis. Buy Salvia divinorum Leaves

Salvia studies in Western culture did not begin until the 1930s, when Jean Basset Johnson wrote about it while studying the psychedelic usage in Mexico. According to Johnson, the plant’s leaves are employed in hallucinogenic rites. As a result, Wasson continued to study the plant and discovered that it had psychedelic effects in the 1950s.

Early in the 1960s, Robert G. Weitlaner and Albert Hoffman (the LSD creator) worked together to get a live saliva sample back to the West for analysis and categorization.

Until Daniel Siebert restarted study on the plant in the 1990s, the plant’s pharmacological side remained rather obscure. Salvinorin A, the primary active ingredient in saliva, has since been found, but there is still more to learn about the plant. Buy Salvia divinorum Leaves

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