An Eriocereus jusbertii with a Peyote cluster grafted on top make up this hybrid of two cacti. The tiny reduction in mescaline production is a minor negative, but the faster growth rate more than makes up for it. This plant blooms with lovely pink flowers, but psychonauts are more drawn to the alkaloid mescaline that is present in the plant’s tissue.




Buy Grafted Peyote: The Eriocereus jusbertii cactus has a Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) cluster grafted on top, therefore in reality, this is a hybrid of two cacti. The Lophophora williamsii plant benefits from grafting because it grows more quickly than it would otherwise. The mescaline output is slightly reduced, but this is more than offset by the plant’s faster growth. Buy Grafted Peyote

If you take good care of it, you’ll notice several additional knobs sprouting on the top and sides. This plant produces lovely pink flowers when it blooms. You can cut off some of the smaller knobs and force them to root in a different pot if the knob cluster becomes too large.

The tissue of this cactus contains the alkaloid mescaline, which is the most fascinating component for psychonauts. Peyote has been a popular drug among Native Americans in spiritual purposes for at least 5,500 years.

Grafting Peyote

Growth rates can be accelerated by peyote grafting onto species with rapid growth, such as Trichocereus. Just be clean; the procedure is not difficult. Uncovering a fibrous ring by cutting a peyote button. All of the capillaries that the plant uses to carry nutrients and water are included in this ring. Cutting the tip of a trichocerus reveals a ring that is comparable to and serves the same purpose.

The size of the plants you have available will determine whether these two rings will be the same size, which is ideal but never guaranteed. Lay the peyote’s cut face squarely on the trichocerus’s cut tip. Ensure that the fibrous rings fit together snugly. Make sure that the rings overlap twice if the sizes differ. Buy Grafted Peyote

The peyote graft must then be tightly secured. Stretching elastic bands over the button and hooking them to the trichocerus spines will help. The peyote graft will instantly start feeding on the surrogate plant after forming a scar.

Building a fresh peyote plant. Use a tidy, well-knifed object to separate the selected button from the main body. Until a scab has grown over the cut, lay the button aside in a warm, dry area. Place the cutting scar now in a pot with a densely packed cactus mixture. A young plant will develop strong roots in six months if left alone. Buy Grafted Peyote

Cactus Grafting

Early April is the ideal time to start peyote seeds. First, create a soil mixture that is suitable for peyote. In nature, limestone and extremely arid, sometimes stony soil are where peyote patches are frequently discovered in the best condition. Commercial cactus and succulent mixtures save all the bother associated with creating a cactus soil mixture and are excellent for growing peyote. Use one part sand, one part heavy grit, and one part regular potting mix if you like a combination with a rougher texture.

Leave space at the top of the pots for easy watering after adding the soil mixture and tamping it down. Soak the soil completely, and then let the pots sit in the shade for a day to let the water drain completely. You are now ready to plant the seeds. There is no need to cover the seeds; just scatter them over the soil’s surface. In the wild, they simply drop to the ground and survive pretty well. Buy Grafted Peyote

With tape or elastic bands, cover the pots with a piece of clear plastic. Use opaque sandwich wrap instead; it is more durable for what comes next. 22 Celsius is the ideal soil temperature for healthy peyote. It will thrive on a south-facing window sill or, better yet, on the ground next to a heating vent in direct sunlight. Ideal and reasonably priced to use are heating mats.

By utilizing an electric blanket, you don’t run the risk of setting your home on fire because they provide accurate temperatures. Although a creature from the desert would look unusual at this level of humidity, they adapt nicely. In the beginning, they won’t require any watering at all. Buy Grafted Peyote

Small green spheres will start to appear where the seeds were after two to three weeks. These peyotes are the young ones. Prick a few tiny holes in the plastic after four weeks; now is the time to begin dehumidifying and hardening off.


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