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Buy Peyote

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Lophophora Williamsii For Sale

When Spanish conquistadors demonized Peyote (Lophophora williamsii), also known as El Mescalito, in the 16th century, it was almost destined to perish, but fortunately this sacred cactus survived its ban and you may now acquire your own plant. You can be sure that its appropriate use is safe because Native Americans in Northern Mexico and the Southwest United States have used it in rituals for thousands of years. Buy peyote

Of the cacti that contain mescaline, peyote, or Lophophora Williamsii, is unquestionably the most well-known. It has been referenced in both literature and film, and it is known for what it is all over the world. or not, drug culture. Buying peyote

Peyote is a button-type cactus that grows slowly. It might be grayish green or blue-green. It features tufts of “wool” growing from evenly spaced aureoles in place of spines. Indigenous peoples have been using it since before the arrival of the Spanish as it grows naturally from central Mexico to northern Texas. A typical dried button with a diameter of 2 cm weighs roughly 2 grams. To get the desired results, 6 to 10 of these buttons would be required.

Lophophora Williamsii For Sale

Peyote plants have appealingly symmetrical, pink-petaled blossoms that are frequently single but occasionally numerous. They have pollen-containing anthers that are saffron and brilliant yellow. The blossoms are surprisingly crisp and solid for something that looks to be so fragile, and they bloom between March and May.

Once they have develope inside the fruit after being pollinated, they are propagated via seed. Broken buttons can be potted on scar down after being let to dry a little. Peyote will cheerfully, if slowly, propagate itself if left to its own devices.

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The sale of mescaline cacti is permitted. However, The process here is different from selling magic mushrooms. At Trippy labs, we sell fresh or dry peyote buttons, but a grow kit can also be purchased here. You can cultivate these and decide for yourself whether to utilize mescaline cactus to obtain the hallucinogenic compounds. When an item is order through our Trippy labs, we quickly box it and dispatch it with track & trace. Buy peyote

The cactus species that produce and contain the hallucinogenic substance mescaline are simply refer to as mescaline cacti. Both Peyote and San Pedro are mescaline cacti that have gained notoriety as intoxication and ritual plants thanks to a variety of anthropological studies. Buying peyote

However, if we were to suggest that these two types of relationships exist with mescaline cacti, we would be greatly mistaken. Because there are numerous additional cactus plants that contain mescaline in addition to the two known ones. Additionally, in significant amounts.

Peyote is a button-type cactus that grows slowly. It might be grayish green or blue-green. It has tufts of “wool” growing from evenly spaced aureoles in place of spines. Indigenous peoples have been using it since before the arrival of the Spanish since it grows naturally from central Mexico to northern Texas. A typical dried button with a diameter of 2 cm weighs roughly 2 grams. To get the desired results, 6 to 10 of these buttons would be required.

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Where To Buy Peyote

Several varieties of mescaline-containing cacti are available for purchase at Trippy Labs. Each of these has distinctive qualities and a totally different appearance. Mescaline is somewhat more concentrated in the Peyote than the San Pedro.

So, if you want to buy peyote, then, you’ve come to the proper location if that’s the case. In our shop, you’ll discover exactly what you’re searching. Buy peyote

At Trippy labs, you will find sizable peyote cactus and other mescaline plants and extracts. You may anticipate your order to arrive within 48 hrs of placing it because we ship Daily. However, the time frame for our regular shipment is 24 to 48hrs. And 2 to 4 days for international shipping. You may buy one of the Mescaline products we have available and begin to experience a unique high almost immediately.

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Peyote Cactus For Sale

We have two different types of mescaline cactus. The San Pedro cactus and the Peyote cactus are those. Perhaps you’d prefer to raise them all on your own? It’s also conceivable. then purchase some of our San Pedro, Peyote, or LSA seeds. The seeds and the psychedelic cactus are both available for purchase online in our web shop. We’ll discreetly and immediately ship it to you.

The Peyote cactus is a tiny, spineless cactus. With its pink blossom and mescaline content, this cactus also has a lovely appearance. The Peyote has the greatest concentration of this hallucinogen. When you prepare or consume a certain type of tea from this hallucinogenic cactus, you experience hallucinations.

The Peyote cactus is officially known as Lophophora Williamsii. Additionally, we sell little Cluster Peyote cactus. These Peyotes have two to four heads.

Compare to the peyote cactus, the San Pedro is much larger. Eating this cactus, which also contains mescaline, might cause hallucinations. Comparing the two drugs, the San Pedro has a tiny edge in mescaline content. The San Pedro is not necessarily a mild entheogen, despite this. Additionally, the San Pedro cactus can produce extremely powerful hallucinations.

Both Peru and Ecuador are home to the San Pedro cactus. The name San Pedro was given to this mescaline cactus by the Spaniards. The San Pedro cactus is officially known as Echinopsis Pachanoi.

Peyote Cactus For Sale

Buying Peyote

According to studies on the subject, consistent peyote usage as part of spiritual and religious rituals doesn’t seem to have any detrimental long-term impacts on cognitive or psychological well-being. Buy peyote

Some of the Navajo Native Americans who participated in the research were frequent peyote users, while others were not. To determine cognitive functioning, several interviews and tests were administered to each individual.

Not only was it shown that peyote users had no discernible cognitive disadvantage, but they even outperformed non-peyote users on various measures of cognitive performance.


Peyote Where To Buy

It makes sense that major Native American individuals would be overjoyed by the news. Many people had believed there was no harm being done up until this moment, but they never had concrete evidence.

The news was “heart-warming,” according to Victor J. Clyde, a judge in the Arizona state court system and vice president of the Native American Church of North America.

He continues by saying that “Our elders assured us that this beauty is beneficial to us and won’t ever hurt us. Peyote was even briefly outlawed by the authorities since they never truly meant what they said.”

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Psilocybin and mescaline are believed to have effects that are comparable, although as with many drug comparisons, this is probably an unfair comparison.

With both closed- and open-eye visions, substantial mental, visual, and aural distortion is to be expected. Compared to psilocybin, some users claim to have a larger sensation of mental and physical dissociation, albeit not in a distressing way.

While confined areas like woodlands might seem confining, this medication is claimed to work better in large, broad fields of vision.

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More than 50 alkaloids have been identified in peyote, but the potent entheogen mescaline is currently thought to be the most active one. When dried, the plant tissue of the cactus contains about 3-6% mescaline, compared to 0.4% in the fresh plant.



When attempting to determine the best peyote cactus dose for you, keep the aforementioned warnings in mind. On average, 125g of fresh cactus or 27g of dried peyote will yield 300mg of mescaline.

You will need 8–10 buttons for the same dose, whether the plant is dried or fresh, if you are measuring by “buttons” instead of weight (each button has a diameter of 2.5 cm).


Naturally, you must prepare the cactus before eating it in order to obtain mescaline. You have the option to do this raw (not advised), dry the cactus beforehand, and/or prepare tea from it. Mescaline has a stronger effect and has less undesirable side effects when it is dried.


These hallucinations are brought on by the alkaloid mescaline. When consuming mescaline cactus, the following symptoms can be felt:

  • The colors become vivid.
  • Changes in self-consciousness
  • Additional time-related hallucinations
  • Your perspective has evolved.
  • euphoric sensation potential for nausea from the flavor


Want an unforgettable experience? So the cactus must have enough mescaline. The flavor of mescaline is bitter. It may be irritating, but this cactus has little to no mescaline if you do not taste anything bitter after eating it. It is preferable to make it into a tea brew if you want to enjoy a psychedelic experience. We always suggest starting slowly with a weak product if you are new to psychedelics.


The mescaline experience is profoundly philosophical and contemplative, like that of other psychedelics. Thoughts on mescaline, however, frequently come and go more quickly, with big questions seeming easier and less heavy than normal, in contrast to the unfathomable depths of thinking on, instance, LSD. It is regarded as a helpful medicine for self-reflection because of this. With mescaline, complete ego-deaths are conceivable.

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Mescaline Cacti

Peyote Plant For Sale

Peyote is a little, spineless cactus that develops into a button-like mass. Although the cactus is grown for its entheogenic properties, it has been assigned the endangered conservation classification in the wild. Buy peyote

Peyote may reach heights of 2 to 7 cm and diameters of 4 to 12 cm. The peyote cactus is a very valued plant due to its tiny size and lengthy growth periods. Pretty pink or white flowers with yellow and reddish undertones are produced by peyote, and they bloom during the day. The cactus produces tiny, elongated fruits and blooms erratically.

Cacti, in general, are slow-growing plants that, once established, can survive under the most extreme environments. You could harvest after a year if you’re ready to give up an entire cactus for a single journey.

The preferable strategy is to let them develop for several years until they are of a size that will allow you to reap the benefits of your labor again without harming the plant.

Peyote contains around 0.4% mescaline when fresh, and around 3–6% when dried. Peyote is available in numerous sizes at Trippy Labs, ranging from 1–2cm to 10–15 cm.

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