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The Peyote Cactus and Its Native Indian Tradition

Even before the use of Peyote has caught the interest of the people today, the Peyote cactus has been used even before it was recorded in history by the Native Americans. The Native Americans actually consider the Peyote plant as a sacred plant and they have been using this plant during their religious ceremonies.

Peyote is a small and also spineless cactus that can grow at an extremely slow rate. The word ‘Peyote’ is from the word ‘peyotl’ which is a Nahuatl (Aztec) word. The Peyote plant grows among scrub and this plant specifically favors areas where there is limestone. This plant is also native to central Mexico as well as southwestern areas in Texas yet it is no longer legal to buy peyote in many places.

The Native Americans believed that the Peyote cactus can bring about and induce spiritual experiences. This effect is brought about by the psychoactive substances that the plant will have like the entheogen. More than that, the Peyote effects are also brought by the other psychoactive substances of this plant which comes in its most potent form as the mescaline.

There are different uses that the Peyote cactus will have basing on the perspective and practices of the Native American Indians. The Peyote plant is considered a sacred plant by the Native American that will permit and help them communicate with their departed relatives and with God. The Native American Indians also utilized the Peyote cactus to treat people who are suffering from physical as well as spiritual illnesses. The Peyote cactus is actually used to treat different kinds of illnesses like colds, asthma, diabetes as well as fevers. Pain associated with joint problems and toothache. Infections are also treated through the use of the Peyote cactus.

Native Americans also use Peyote cactus in their ceremonies as well. The ceremonies that are associated with Peyote use are never for recreational purposes as these are intense night rituals that are considered to bring about spiritual experiences that will help the participants meditate and look deeply within themselves. During these ceremonies and rituals, the Peyote buttons is going to be eaten either fresh or dried. The Peyote cactus tastes bitter.

Even if the use of the Peyote cactus is regulated, the US government has taken special considerations and permitted the use of the plant when the Peyote cactus is utilized for the purpose of the Native American Indians ceremonies.

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Discovering The Effects of Lophophora williamsii

You might have heard talks about a small interesting cactus that can actually have tremendous effects to the body. If you are wondering what this cactus plant is then you should definitely take some time, read about the plant and discover the desirable and undesirable effects that this plant can provide.

Before you dwell on the effects of the plant, you have to get to know what this cactus plant is. Peyote is actually a small as well as spineless cactus that has the scientific name Lophophora williams ii. The primary active ingredient of the plant is the hallucinogenic substance mescaline which is also known as 3, 4, 5-trimethoxyphenethylamine. Other substances that the plant will have will include various psychoactive compounds.

This plant has been used mainly for religious rites during the native times in places such as northern Mexico and on southwestern part of the United States. Now, with the known effects of this drug, several countries have taken necessary steps to regulate the use, distribution and possession of this plant.

The effect of the Peyote cactus can be described as a drifting as well as dream like experience. It can sometimes reach to an almost delirium state of mind for the first couple of hours from the time the plant has been taken or used. Basically, the type of sensation that this plant is able to provide is similar to that of LSD but rather described as less edgy. The person who takes this plant is also going to experience auditory as well as visual hallucinations. The severity of the effect of this drug is going to differ depending on the potency of the Peyote plant as well as the blend of its psychoactive compounds. Moreover, the effects of the Peyote cactus will vary depending on the person’s tolerance level. There are some people who may have powerful experiences after taking four or five Peyote buttons. Some people tend to take and consume a total of 12 or perhaps 15 Peyote buttons before they can experience the known hallucinogenic effects of the Peyote cactus.

Even though the effects of this plant are highly useful in the field of medicine to cure and relieve known symptoms, the regulation of the use of this plant should be mandated as this can definitely be considered a rather potent drug. Misuse of this plant can definitely lead to abuse.

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